John P. Cogan, Jr.

Houston, Partner

Telephone: +1 713-651-1882

Practice Areas & Industries


Power & Renewables


Representing a U.S. electric utility in the privatization of Buenos Aires-area electric power distribution companies


Representing a U.S. electric utility in connection with its investment in a São Paulo-area electric power distribution company


Representing U.S. interests in connection with the proposed acquisition of a hydroelectric power plant in Southwestern China

Representing U.S. interests in the proposed acquisition of an interest in a fossil fuel power project in Southern China

Dominican Republic:

Representing a U.S. and British interests in the privatization of the power industry in the Dominican Republic


Representing U.S., Mexican and Canadian interests in negotiations with CFE (the Federal Electricity Commission) and structuring regarding a power and desalination project in Rosarito, BCN (together with a natural gas pipeline to provide a fuel supply)